Influencer house manager

Job description

  • New business development: Set Kozy house direction in term of influencer house positioning and management including business model, milestone, goal and strategy and organization management: https://www.facebook.com/kozybykollective
  • Manage and oversee influencer team in new influencer acquisition , influencer career development, maintain new influencer in Kozy house and branding development
  • Manage and oversee influencer team in developing new influencer package/ service to serve customer need which can provides more value to customer and gain more revenue to company and reach faster execution
  • Improve process of influencer campaign execution team that relates to influencer which process consists off;
    1. Analyze and recommend influencers persona in all social media channels for each influencer marketing campaign
    2. Execute and monitor day-to-day campaign activities including but not limited to timeline, influencer’s content, committed kpi, and overall campaign performance to ensure all campaigns are delivered to the highest quality within agreed timing and budget
    3. Contact and negotiate with various types of influencers via LINE OA, emails, phone calls, etc. on a daily basis
    4. Collect insights from influencers in order to put together campaign analysis report for client
    5. Anticipate potential project’s problems and dependencies, and effectively suggest solutions or contingency plans
    6. Perform payment processing for influencers 
    7. Manage and maintain clients and influencers’ expectation and satisfaction


  • Have 3-5 years strong business development experiences; Business model generation, idea validation, set up business milestone and business strategy
  • Have experiences in building new business and founding team (Bonus) 
  • Have management and leadership skills to manage team to reach goalsInterest and passionate in influencer market and influencer marketing industry
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bangkok TH

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ตำแหน่งที่กำลังเปิดรับ (Update 03/05/2022)

1. Junior Sales Executive
2. Senior Sale Executive
3. Senior business development for influencer team
4. Senior business development for Kommerce
5. Senior Ads Optimization Specialist
6. Senior Full Stack Engineer (Developer)
7. Junior media planner
8. Senior strategic planner
9. Tele sales

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